Full Pool Servicing

Keep your pool operating to the highest standards of health, safety and cleanliness.

Replace missing or broken pool tiles

Multiple tile formats and finishes

Underwater tile brightening

Poolside tile replacement

Mosaic design repairs

Finger grips and skirting tiles

Specialist underwater grout

Small or large areas

Underwater grout replacement

Poolside grout replacement

Mosaic tile grouting

Epoxy underwater tile adhesive

Grille replacement

Anti-vortex grille installation

Underwater lighting

Striker plates

Ladders and handrails

Lane marker anchor points

Blanking plates





Debris and glass removal

Algae cleaning

Tile and grout brightening

Balance tank cleaning

Poolside cleaning

Movable floor cleaning

Grille and channel cleaning

Leak detection

Dye testing

Non destructive testing

Balance tank leak detection

Underwater leak repair

Video and photographic evidence

Liner pool repairs

Underwater expansion joints

Core drilling

Movable floor repairs

Balance tank servicing

Health and safety upgrades

Poolside furniture installation

Grille and channel cleaning


Leak Detection


Fast and efficient, our divers can save you money by repairing your pool with minimal disturbance to your daily schedules. 

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